F litter de la Maison du Garde-Barrière

F litter

born 12/24/2000
Sire: Sél. Champ. NESCAFE des Pierrailles (France, bred in Switzerland, lives in Germany * grey born black * HD clear * CSNB clear * Champion Germany, Selected France and Italy)
Dam: Sél. AJCh. LOULOU dite YAZOO des Cèdres de la Montagne Noire, CGC (Import from France * black * HD 1/0 * CSNB clear * Austrian Junior Champion, Pre-Selected USA, Selected Slovakia, USA and Italy, breeding confirmation France, Austria, Slovakia, USA and Italy * Winners Bitch USA 2000)


whelped 6/2, raised 6/2 (6/1 black, 0/1 grey born black), all CSNB clear by parentage

  • FRIZZANTE FURIOSO GRIS "Frizzy" - HD clear, full breeding confirmation - he stayed with us - Frizzy's Homepage. Frizzy left to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge on January 6, 2014, at the age of 13 years and 14 days
  • FOUDRE FERRARI NOIR "Ferri" - HD B - Export to Switzerland - he died much too young, only being seven and a half years old on 07/15/2008 (tumors on the spleen, secondaries in the belly and on the heart); he came to a Yorkshire Terrier boy (Robin), after the death of Robin he was joined by a Tibetin Terrier girl, he was the big brother of both the small breed dogs, the guardian and friend; in general Ferri was a very social dog and also got along with other males good - he only showed them who the boss is when they wanted to start to dominate or when they attacked Ferri; Ferri's owners Ruth and Hanspeter as well as their daughter Denis turned to be very good friends of us
  • FERRE FUEGO NOIR - he remained in Austria - he left the house when he was five months of age, to a family of which the Briard had just died. Unfortunately he passed on 06/01/2009 - also way too young
  • FLIC FENDI NOIR - he, too, remained in Austria - also he left the house when he was five months old, also to a family where the Briard had just died. He had a great life with Lilo and Teresa and after some years Briard Dana joining him. On December 16, 2012, we received the sad news that Fendi had passed.
  • FIGARO MIRO NOIR - Export to Germany - as we had to get to know unfortunately last year, "Miro" has already had several owners: we were always written how great this dog is; when we found out that he once again one searching for a new home and asked his first owners, all of a sudden they said that from beginning on he was a problem dog and had developed to an aggressive dog, who continuously attacked other dogs. Why they had written for years how great this dog is, we can't say. We don't know if "Miro" has found an adequate owner who can handle him (we organized an add at "Briard in Trouble"), because the contact to his last owner stopped when we refused to pick him up for putting him to death
  • FETICHE FALCO NOIR - Export to Italy - lived together with a Briard girl and had a life full of fun and happiness in the home of Ylenia and Dennis. On May 18, 2012, he walked to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge
  • FLEURY D'AUDE NOIRE - HD B - Export to Germany - she lived together with her uncle "Noun des Pierrailles" and went to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge on March 4, 2011
  • FEMME FATALE GRISE "Femmy" - she stayed in Austria and turned to be a real successful working dog (BgH 1-3, SchH 1, IPO 3, GH 1-2). She passed away on June 19, 2012